Live Your Fantastic Life: How to use different sectors of life to build your own way of Fantastic Living!

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About the Book:

Are you looking for ways to improve some of your life sectors, but not sure if you want to take any courses, or settle for a good read…?

Live Your Fantastic Life gives you both options!

This is true because you have the opportunity to choose: to either just read through and pick up some nuggets of wisdom along the way to incorporate into your life, or, you can also follow the action steps and topics, which Jarmo has included after every chapter for you to ponder and to act upon.

Simple tools:

◆ from sleep to health & longevity  

◆ from nutrition to mindset  

 will allow you to easily start building your own way to a Healthy Lifestyle!

Take the brave leap and start your journey with Jarmo & Live Your Fantastic Life by getting your copy Now! 

About the Author:

Over the years, Jarmo Syväri has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of industries. Interest in healthy living, food, and nutrition spurred him to get a diploma from a Culinary School as a Chef.

However, Jarmo´s first endeavor as a business owner was as a licensed Sports Masseur and ReiKi teacher.

From there his aviation interests led to pilot training, flying multiple aircraft types as an airline pilot, eventually ending up being based on the subtropical Canary Islands as a captain on Boeing 737. 

Along the way, he has split his time between attending various business seminars, health studies, and also touched the crypto sector. Today he is most involved with online marketing in the form of ONPASSIVE IT products and spreading his knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. 

Sports have always played a big part in Jarmo´s life. Growing up he spent a lot of time in a pool. After 13 years of competitive swimming, and a couple of water polo years, he climbed out of the pool and jumped wholeheartedly into karate, scuba diving, skydiving, working out in a gym, and indoor skydiving, to mention a few.

Nowadays as business matters are moving forward, Jarmo’s plans are turning toward various charity projects. His interests are among health and nature, especially alternative health matters, longevity, and clean and healthy oceans.

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“Don’t Focus On Where You Have Been…, But On Where You Want to GO!”

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